Dog for iPad and iPhone

Dog, the popular board came with cards, is now available for Apple devices, including iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®.
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Dog is a popular board game with cards. Your goal is to get all your and your partner's marbles into the target area before your opponents do.

In each round you first receive a handful of cards. You have to give one of your cards with your partner, and receive one of his cards. Cards that you play advance your marble. A marble that lands exactly on another marble sends it home. Special cards speed up your moves, by exchanging marble positions, going backwards, or splitting advances over several marbles. When you are done with your own marbles, you have to help your partner, as you can only win together.

Dog for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch lets you play on boards of variable size, and offers a variety of bot players with different characters and strength that you can select as partners or adversaries.

Invite friends to a multiplayer game, or find other players on the Internet! The players see your board and play their cards and marbles on their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Your devices communicate easily over the Internet via Game Center, or locally (no registrations needed) via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network. The app supplies bot players on empty game seats, so you can finally play with your friends even if you are missing a third or fourth player.


Tap here to get the dog app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, or look in the App Store for "Dog Board Game". Have fun!


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