How to play

Dog is a team board game with cards. Your goal is to get all your and your partner's marbles into the target area before your opponents do.

You play cards to move marbles. A player deals 6, 5, 4, 3, or 2 cards per round. Players on opposite sides of the board (in a game with an even number of players) are partners in a team. Start by dragging one of your cards to your partner, and receive a card from your partner.

Drag one of your playable cards on the board, choose a playable marble and drag it to a target field. The card rank determines how far you can move one of your marbles forward.

You may jump over other marbles, but every field can only hold one marble. When your marble lands on another marble, you send this other marble back home.

A newly started marble, however, blocks the starting field and can neither be jumped over nor sent home or be exchanged. The blocking marble may not move directly into the target area.

You (and only you) move into your target area by passing through your starting field. You may move marbles within your target area, but not jump over them or go backwards.

Some cards can do more:
  • An Ace or a King can start a new marble.
  • A Four may move 4 fields forward or backward. You may not directly move backward into your target area.
  • A Seven can be split over several marbles. A marble moved by a Seven also sends home all marbles on its path.
  • A Jack exchanges one of your marbles with another player's marble.
  • A Joker can play any card rank.
You have to drop all your cards if none of your cards can be played.

You will help your partner with your own cards as soon as your marbles have reached your target area.

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